Art Talks in Your Home

Have Images, Will Travel 

Hopper After Dinner brings a unique experience to you and your guests in your own home.  Enjoy a vibrant presentation of the little-known and lesser studied Wellfleet and Truro paintings of Edward and Josephine Nivison Hopper.  

     In this one-hour presentation, you will learn about more than 60 locations on the Outer Cape where the Hopper's painted and the historical and environmental context of their work.

     Jo and Edward painted in Truro every summer from 1930 until his death in 1967. This body of their Cape work includes residences, businesses, landscapes, commercial businesses of the day, and the railroad line that traversed both towns.

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Lecturer Lisbeth Wiley Chapman was the founder of Hopper House Tours engaging more than 1000 guests during auto tours from 2013 to 2020.   Hopper After Dinner is a spinoff of the auto tours.  She now offers her deep research and local knowledge in the intimacy of your own home with your friends and family, for times to include brunch/lunch or cocktails/dinner.  You may book online by clicking the "BOOK HERE" button.  

Beth is also available to present programs for Arts Organizations, Museums, Senior Communities, Libraries and Historical Societies.

"Hills, South Truro" 1932

"Dune and Shacks" 1930

"Wellfleet Bridge"  1930